Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ramblings of a toddler

ahh - there isn't really all that much to talk about. mom and dad are so silly... they keep talking about all sorts of nonsense and they say that there will be news soon - whatever that means. i'll make sure to update y'all as soon as i know anything!

we have some friends coming to visit this weekend. i have never met these "friends" but that is what mom and dad call them.  the barkers are coming from tennessee and they are bring their 2 kids with them. i'm not exactly sure what i feel about this.  it might be fun to have some other kids to play with.

oh - and get this.... i no longer have a rocker in my bedroom. mom and dad say that i am a big boy and don't need it.  they SOLD it to someone else! so i have now traded my nightly rocking with nightly sword fights with daddy!!

i hope everyone out there is doing good - i'm good here!

Monday, April 8, 2013



It's yummy!

I was playing with dirt outside today at school. I love how it felt in my hands

and I love to eat it! It is so yummy!!

I got sent to timeout because I was eating dirt. :(

Mommy told me tonight while rocking me that I shouldn't eat dirt. I told her that I like to eat dirt!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello World!

Hey everyone! This is Aiden. I've decided since my mommy doesn't always keep up with my blog that I'm going to take it over. Hey, I'm 3 now - I'm a big kid!

So let's go back to Easter (since mom didn't post anything here about that) I came out that morning and found all sorts of good stuff on the couch. I had this basket filled with CANDY!!!

 I LOVED the peeps!!

 and the chocolate bunny (ears are the best!)

 Then it was time for me to find all my eggs... that Easter Bunny was very sneaky - but I found them all!! I had real eggs and fake eggs with jelly beans inside!!

All in all I had a pretty good Easter with my mom and dad

And don't worry peeps - I'll be sure to write more!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


i probably really need to combine both of my blogs.... or just stick to one... i don't know. i have been really focused on my health journey lately that i've been posting there a little more recently.  plus, there really hasn't been much going on in our lives recently.

this past weekend I was supposed to run the Berry College 5k - it got cancelled. We had some HELLA rain that day - it kept getting pushed back because of thunder/lighting until they just decided to cancel it completely.  i was super excited to get back into running - the last 5k i did was this same race - 4 years ago! oh well... aiden was pretty disappointed - i guess he was excited to see me run. he'll get another chance this weekend - i'm doing Color Me Rad in chattanooga - my team is from work "Live in Color" it isn't a timed race, which is okay. it should be a LOT of fun! since it is easter weekend, we are wearing white with various color shorts and bunny ears/tails!! :)

aiden has an egg hunt at school tomorrow. i HAVE to remember his easter basket! i HAVE to remember his easter basket! I HAVE TO REMEMBER HIS EASTER BASKET! (yes, last year i was that mom that didn't bring her child's easter basket...) 

other than that.... there really isn't anything going on in our little life... aiden goes to school - adam and i work - i go to the gym - we have as much family time as we can...

it's not perfect - but it's our life - and i love it!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yo ho ho! Captain Aiden's 3rd Birthday!

ok - so i totally just clicked "Publish" after just typing the title... i think i'm still tired from yesterday!

yesterday was Aiden's 3rd birthday party.... 3!! i can't believe he is 3!!!









We had some other activities that didn't go quite as planned - but it's all good. We had a treasure hunt with our hook hands and a hook ring toss - the kids just wanted to play with the hooks :) We had a lot of fun. It was a little chilly when the wind blew - but not too horrible and the kids wanted to be outside the whole time! I think it went well.  Aiden was exhausted afterwards :)


Monday, March 4, 2013

back to school/work

today both aiden and i went back to school and work... it was tough dropping aiden off after him being off all last week. he wanted to go to school - but didn't at the same time.  

i went to work - and tried to make a dent in all that piled up while i was gone...

being off with aiden last week REALLY made me want to be a stay at home mom with him even more... ugh! if only... 

aiden will be 3 on wednesday - i can't believe he is so old! we are having his birthday party this saturday - it's pirate themed!

i'm very excited for this - aiden is finally understanding all this birthday stuff! it should be a fun time!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flu Bug

Oh - Em - Gee

Aiden has had a fever since Saturday! I took him to the doctor on Monday and she said that it was only a virus. Which I totally agreed with... this child wasn't acting sick at all - because of that I actually thought that he was having an issue with his ears. She also said that he is definitely on the onset of asthma and we now have a daily preventative breathing treatment to do twice a day.  Dr. said that it usually helps to re-shape the lungs so that he'll grow out of the asthma.  Tuesday his fever was non-existent  (99) so I thought - Yes! We'll both be back to school/work tomorrow... NOPE! He wakes up on Wednesday morning with a fever of about 102 or 104 (depending on which ear you check) Back to the doctor we go... She wants to do a chest
X-Ray to make sure he doesn't have pneumonia. I ask about flu - she doesn't think it's flu, but will check that too since I am asking.

Off to the hospital we go... First we do the chest X-Ray and he does awesome! They put him some sort of contraption to strap him in and keep him from moving... those pictures came back clear - no pneumonia!

Next were off to get his nose swabbed to check for flu... I have to sit him in my lap - hold his hands and hold his head back.  NOT FUN AT ALL! We get done with that and he says "I don't want that thing up my nose anymore."

Off we go to Chick-fil-a for lunch and a milkshake....
(guess who was asleep 2 seconds after this picture was taken)

We go home and take a nap.... and meanwhile get a call from the doctors office - we are positive for Flu A. How crazy is this child.... he has the flu and he is acting his normal self - maybe even a little more crazy - but that may be the fact that he's been stuck at home with mommy for this week.  

I really need to figure out something for us to do tomorrow!

Hopefully this flu bug will be gone this weekend... I can't afford to miss any more work...